How do you create your comic? We have a unique way of making Creepytown pages. First, we take any pencil near us, and draw a light rough sketch of the page idea with panels. Next, we use an ArtistLoft's fundamentals 2B pencil on clean, crisp printer paper to draw out each panel's characters, nothing else. We grab another piece of paper, draw out the backgrounds of the panels seperately just like the characters, and scan both of them in using a Photosmart 2400 Scanner. We pull both of these pages into Photoshop CS2, along with a blank one for the finished product. We pull each character in using the Rectangular Marquee tool > Copy > Paste, resize it, and put the panel around it. To darken the lines, we use a Brightness and Contrast layer (-77 and +65 respectively), which gives the comic a dark effect without inking. We add in text, speech bubbles, gradients, etc. until it's finished! Occasionally we will use a tablet to draw pages completely digitally. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~More questions to be added as their asked. PM AppleJuicy or ReversedMedia if you have a question about the comic.